About Us

Capitahl is a local brand made by Kiwis, built from the dirt up in the beautiful and rugged terrain of Wanaka, New Zealand back in 2012.

Our brand is built on respect, passion, positive vibrations and expression, and we channel all of these values into all of our technical shred accessories and high functioning fashion.
Our vision is to capture the essence that music, art, the outdoors and shredding hold, and to express that perception through all of our products and the people who represent us.
With humble roots as the home of the original hooded neck warmer, Capitahl gained global recognition when pro snowboarder Danny Davis won the 2014 X-Games Halfpipe competition wearing our gear, alongside almost every other pro and coach.
While major brands took note and began creating their own versions, we have stayed true to our core products and ethos, and have expanded to become more than just another clothing brand.
There's a reason Capitahl merchandise is still worn worldwide by all your favourite pro's, bro's and gals.

 Find out for yourself, pickup some Capitahl gears and ride along with us.