Balaclava - Olive Drabb
Balaclava - Olive Drabb
Balaclava - Olive Drabb

Balaclava - Olive Drabb


Made with military grade non-allergenic acrylic wintuck, our balaclavas are not only look dope but are just as warm as wool and feel damn good on your face too.

Unlike some other balaclava's out there, ours don't stop just under your chin. We protect your neck from the front and the back for superior warmth retention and wind prevention on the crispiest of days.

Did we mention how dope they look?


  • 100% Acrylic wintuck
  • Tear drop Capitahl logo
  • Designed in NZ, made in the USA
  • Military grade
  • Quality tested for maximum durablility

At Capitahl we build everything tough, with a design ethos that puts equal emphasis on both fashion and functionality.

Anytime you need protection from the weather while chasing Winter sports, warming up after a Surf, hunting in the hills, fishing in the cold or anytime you want to look good, we've got you covered!